Josh Duff


  1. Merle Dean Kilgore
  2. Contra Jane Jacobs on a biblical history of cities
  3. My appendix experience
  4. The first letter I wrote to Anna
  5. Eschatology of software
  6. How to remote pair-code usefully
  7. Writing SQL for applications
  8. Side project post-partum: Communal Checklist
  9. Why your webapp needs a state-based router
  10. Writing Noddity
  11. An entreaty
  12. How Should We Then Drive?
  13. Profanities and other funny words
  14. Sandwich war crimes: the Dirty Mother
  15. Run a query for every table in a database
  16. Logical errors in queries: DO NOT WANT
  17. Convert blocks of text to sentence case in MySQL
  18. Running my first campaign!
  19. My accomplishment for the day: a MySQL quine!