Sandwich war crimes: the Dirty Mother

For those attending a university, the end of a semester is a time of much rejoicing. During my last semesters at such an institution, I took place in an end-of-year celebratory tradition involving a ridiculous sandwich.

In some issue of Maxim (November 2005?) there was an article featuring absurd sandwich-based foods. So ridiculous were these edibles that some fraternity brothers of mine decided that the consumption of one such sandwich would make a fitting end-of-semester celebration.

I was unable to find the original article online, but found the ingredients here. I post them here for posterity.

The Dirty Mother

"Use two slices of buttery Texas toast as bookends, and slap together a sausage patty, hash browns, and three generous chops of ham, separating each layer with a slice of cheddar cheese. Throw two fried eggs in the mix, and comfort them with four strips of crispy bacon. A splash of ketchup or Worcestershire sauce is your choice, but tons of S&P is mandatory."

We would usually go to IHOP, order the ingredients individually, and assemble the sandwiches ourselves. The braver souls in the group would purchase fries as a side dish.

These memories are making me hungry.