The short story: a group of Fort Worth police officers went into a local gay bar, and started "restraining" and arresting people for being too intoxicated (side note: being too intoxicated inside a bar is illegal? aieeeeee...)

Anyways, the cops got pretty rough, and by all accounts were really getting into throwing people around (focusing entirely on the males), and now one of the patrons is in a coma after some nasty head trauma.

The justification for their over-the-top violence is that they claim one of the officers was felt up by a male patron. As if any rational man would risk offending an authority figure backed by friends with guns. The owner of the bar noted: "We're gay, not stupid."

Many people are getting really angry about this, assuming that the police officers were prejudiced against homosexual males and took pleasure in harassing them. And you know what, it's probably true.

But that's not why we should all be indignant - we should be angry because there are places in our country where "peace officers" believe they have the right to use violence against citizens with little or no provocation. And, for all intents and purposes, they do.

We've given all the responsibility for upholding the law to a group of armed, uniformed human beings. Human beings are not perfect.

Imagine officers bursting into the home of a homeschooling family, throwing parents to the ground, and taking children away.

Imagine police breaking up a prayer meeting and dragging people off to jail for zoning issues.

Handcuffing a group of inoffensive hippies on their way to pick up some munchies.

Detaining a group of Mexicans without reason on their way home from work.

We all have our prejudices and stereotypes of other groups of people - it's just that some of us have the power to punish other people with little or no repercussions.

How do you feel about it?