Some background: a "quine" is a program that outputs it's complete source code when run.

Some more background: I work at a company where I work with MySQL (a database engine) very often.

I was lounging around in the MySQL chat room on, and someone suggested that I try to write a MySQL quine - a database query that would return the text of the query itself.

After about half an hour of screwing around, I got it! It may not be a fantastic achievement, but I feel pretty leet about writing my first quine in a database query language.

SELECT REPLACE(@v:='SELECT REPLACE(@v:=\'2\',1+1,REPLACE(REPLACE(@v,\'\\\\\',\'\\\\\\\\\'),\'\\\'\',\'\\\\\\\'\'));',1+1,REPLACE(REPLACE(@v,'\\','\\\\'),'\'','\\\''));

Only 167 characters. Hah!