I am taking 3 classes this semester that require me to spend time in a classroom. Two of them are standard business courses (ECON 211 - Macroeconomics and COMM 311 - Business Communication) and the other is a computer science course (CSCE 235 - Discrete Mathematics).

There is a marked difference between the two genres of class.

  • Everybody shows up for the computer science course. You see the same faces in class every day, because the students in that class know that you just have to go to class to do well. Attendance is spotty in the two business courses, and some of those who do show up are obviously not paying attention.
  • In computer science, you have homework to do. As soon as one is completed, another one is assigned - if not sooner! It will take you at least 4-6 hours to do, and it does force you to learn the material. The business classes have no homework to speak of - the worst out-of-classroom work has been some truly stupid group work in my communications class.
  • There are a lot more girls in the business classes. Seriously. There's only one girl in Discrete Mathematics.

Students in both classes complain about the same amount for their assigned workload, but the students in my computer science class have a lot more reason to complain. They're all computer science or computer engineering - I'm the only business major.